10 Years of Brotherhood

We have celebrated MBT’s 10 Years Anniversary along with Cooler Master and EMARQUE.

2016 was a very special and important year to Malaysian Battlefield Team (MBT) where two of our biggest milestone achievement in our history, we collaborated with Cooler Master Malaysia as our first official partner and sponsorship which then followed by second partnership with EMARQUE.

The two collaboration partners has been working together with MBT since then hand to hand in supporting MBT in the public eye and enhanced our community growth.We are proud to collaborate with Cooler Master and Emarque in organizing mini events for participants during Cyberfusion 2016.

On the first night of Cyberfusion 2016, MBT organised an ice breaking session for all participants so everyone has the opportunity to make new friends and get to know one another better.

We also organised Overwatch show matches where participants were given a chance to form a team of 6 and challenge MBT.Prime for prizes sponsored by Cooler Master. Furthermore, to accommodate non-FPS players, we also hosted a mini event based on a game called Western Press where players have to either memorise button sequences or finish a series of button sequences in the fastest time possible.MBT always have our signature BBQ Session, but for this 10th year anniversary, we celebrated with Cooler Master & Emarque with awesome giveaways for our members.