• 2K19

01 New MBT 2019 Website

You here early huh?

02 MBT Breaches Into R6: Siege – MBT Impetus

MBT is pleased to officially announce our new R6 team roster, Impetus. We’re excited to breach into the world of Rainbow Six: Siege and we know we’ve got a great team here to help us lead the way.

03 Bringing Back the Dragons – MBT NAGA CS:GO

MBT is ecstatic to officially announce our new CS:GO team, NAGA. The NAGA team has been one of the legends in the Sudden Attack scene in SEA from the birth in 2008 and was competing in CS:GO towards 2015-2016, winning a number of tournaments.

About MBT

MBT is a gaming organization founded and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 2006. MBT was founded with the foundation of brotherhood and community driven gaming.


With over a decade of experience in the gaming scene, purely driven by passion, we continue to strive even further in the esports and gaming scene with our competitive teams winning multiple tournaments and playing at international stages.


MBT strives to drive entertainment value in our streamers by showcasing their amazing personalities and great moments. Great people, bring great people together.


MBT is backed by an amazing family-like gaming community that has grown bigger over the years. There is a place for every gamer in MBT.

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Passion driven gaming since 2006