MBT is pleased to officially announce our new R6 team roster, Impetus. We’re excited to breach into the world of Rainbow Six: Siege and we know we’ve got a great team here to help us lead the way.

Impetus has been competing in the ESL Go4 leagues and have been the only Malaysian team playing in the ESL R6 Pro League SEA 2018/2017. They also recently obtained 2nd placing in the Malaysia 6 Championship. With their amazing spirit and dedication, we’re confident that their success is just getting started and we’re glad to have them as a part of the MBT family!

🇲🇾 Joey ‘ThyAsianFriend’ Lim Huck Kin – Captain
🇲🇾 Elvis ‘Sivle’ Chew Che Kit
🇮🇩 Harmanu ‘Moose’ Triatmojo
🇲🇾 Justin ‘Smz’ Lee
🇲🇾 Jack ‘poGGer’ Lee
Rainbow Six: Siege

Malaysia 6 Championship – 2nd Place
ESL R6 Challenger League Season 8 SEA – 4th place
Six Major Paris 2018 SEA Qualifier – 3rd place
ESL R6 Pro League Season 8 SEA – 7th place
ESL R6 Pro League Season 7 SEA – 6th place
ESL R6 Six invitational Y2 Qualifier SEA – 4th place
ESL R6 Pro League Year 2 Season 3 SEA – 5th place
GO4R6S November Monthly Final 2017 – 3rd place
GO4R6S October Monthly Final 2017 – 2nd place
GO4R6S September Monthly Final 2017 – 2nd place
Go4R6S 12th Cup – 4th place
Go4R6S 11th Cup – 3rd place
Go4R6S 9th Cup – 4th place
Go4R6S 8th Cup – 3rd place
Go4R6S 7th Cup – 2nd place
Go4R6S 6th Cup – 2nd place
Go4R6S 4th Cup – 3rd place
Go4R6S 3rd Cup – 2nd place

MBT Impetus – ESL Play | TEAMThe team

”We’re committed to our goals such as striving to be top tier team on Pro League and to continue our progress in the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene. We would like to take our first APAC achievement as champions and take on the international ranks among the other pro teams”

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