Biggest LAN Party in South East Asia!

Cyberfusion 2015 aimed to be the biggest gamers dream getaway in South East Asia. With both LAN Party & eSports tournaments involved, gamers from all over came to escape for 3 days and 2 nights.- Video Courtesy of Era of The Geeks ( was 2015 different from any other Cyberfusion? The event itself exploited the full spatial potential of MMU Grand Hall, fitting an estimated headcount of 500 LAN Party Participants AND tournament participants.

We had estimated the turnout of ~1000 per event day on the LAN Party alone.MBT was the main event organizer, managing the sponsors, logistics, food & beverages, venue infrastructure & public relations. MBT also hosted multiple mini-events which were well received by the community.

It is also the year that MBT made a name for ourselves, proving that a community with working professionals & aspiring students are able to handle large events successfully.

With our limited resources, we successfully planned out the inner workings of LAN Party and tournaments making it a great success that is still celebrated today by the community.Photos and coverage of the event.