Cyberfusion 2009 broke the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop, 40-hours LAN Party. 4 years later, Cyberfusion 2013 was formed to re-unite the gaming community via a 3 days, 2 night LAN Party.

MBT decided to take this opportunity reach for its goals by connecting & building the battlefield community via Cyberfusion LAN Party as a platform.Cyberfusion is an LAN Party event started in Malaysia around year 2009 and have since held the title as the largest LAN party in Malaysia. It has also broke world record for longest LAN Party non-stop straight for 40-hours straight.

It was held from 27th to 29th December and it was held in MyCORE Centre, a medium sized internet cafe located in Cyberjaya.

This event is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) event, which means that participants are required to bring their own gaming PCs and consoles to the event. Gaming rookies were given the chance to learn from veteran gamers and professional PC builders in matters of building their own gaming PCs. We as MBT, joined the event as a co-organizer together with the Founder of Spotgamers (Rinie). Together we had organized multiple mini events and mini-contents within the LAN party itself.

The mini events and mini-contents were mainly focused around Battlefield 4 as that was MBT’s main focus game at the time. We held 3 mini events, namely Texas Showdown, Chivalry and Vertical Effect. The prizes for our events which were sponsored by Steelseries, MSI, Roccat and Brightstar.Texas Showdown

In this event, players are engaged in a 2v2 format where one player was controlling the in game character but was blindfolded while the other player gives directions to the first player on where to aim.



Similar to the previous event, players are also engaged in a 2v2 format. Both teams are given an ATV (All-terrain-vehicle) in game where one player drove the ATV while the other player had to take out the opposing ATV with a rocket launcher. The style of the game is similar to jousting with horses and spears in the olden times.


Vertical Effect

This event is the only event in a free-for-all format, where each individual plays for him or herself. Each player was required to jump out of a flying helicopter and parachute the character into a gigantic satellite dish.